We're Live! Woo Hoo!

Welcome to A&M Photographic & Video Services

Well we've only gone and done it! after all the "shall we's" and "what if's" we finally decided to get off our lazy butts, (Shockingly lazy in Matt's case!) and put together our Photography site and like proud parents we love it!

Lots of tweakage still to come, actually Alan can't leave the thing alone, so much so that I half expect the site to look completely different each time I log in! Forget twerking, Alan's the King of tweaking!

So what do you think? please be as critical and brutal as you like because all feedback is good feedback, except maybe yours Rob ;) Also do you like our Logo? I think it's great, big slap on the back for Alan as it was all his work, good man, we can now get some promotional stuff printed, business cards, T-shirts etc and put our selves about a bit/lot.

Well what are waiting for? Go and have a look around if you haven't already but better still, book us lovely photographers to do what we do best.

Nuff Love


p.s If you wondered where the name A&M Photographic came from (you are now) ask Alan, it's his fault!

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