iso 6400!

So I was asked to take a few pictures at my works (my other work, this photography is a passion!!) bowling shin-dig and jumped at the opportunity, heck who doesn't like to bowl?

Anyway I chose my gear, Canon 5D3, 70-200mm f2.8 is II, 24-105 f4 is lenses and a 580EX II speedlite thinking got all angles and scenarios covered.


Not so thug friendly!

Well when I arrived it soon turned out that this particular bowling alley has It's own night club, I mean right by the lanes night club! Which is great except for when you're hulking around expensive camera gear (this is the first of many excuses so bear with me) Now I thought better of not carrying around the best part of £6ks worth camera gear into Finchleys finest and decided to settle with just the 5D3 and my trusty 24-105 f4 is no flash no pukka but large, white lens, still expensive mind but just not so in ya face!



Ok there were about 15 of us and decided that 2 lanes were necessary and out of the way of everyone else would be a good idea (you can feel another excuse coming can't you?) so plonked our selves at the end of the hall.....right beside two great big pink and purple neon signs! goodness grief I don't think I've ever removed so much pink and purple form a batch of pictures before!

Now because of the dimly lit environment, lack of flash, relatively slow lens at f4 and mostly fast moving bowlers (excuses 3,4,5 and 6 right there) shutter speeds were, well crap, luckily the lens had stabilisation but still doesn't help with moving subjects, so only one thing for it, ramp up the iso right up to 6400 in this case, never have I shot with such a high iso but I must say the 5D3 is bloody brilliant! full frame, sharp glass and decent software all helps but what a camera. Hopefully I wont shoot like that for a long while but it's nice to know I can.

I thought I'd make a collage for this event as it's easier to display at work, and added a (really bad quality) video clip of the boss being utterly rubbish! oh just in case you were wondering, I came third!

Bowling Collage .jpg


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