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'It looks like a car!'

was the overwhelming response to our much loved logo that we (read Alan) had slaved over for an age to achieve, 'I don't like it', 'What's it supposed to be?', 'Meh', were a few others, I think I even heard someone say 'It's a bit poo'.

A_M_Photography_logo3 copy.jpg

A car, apparently.

Now apart from maybe the 'poo' comment, these were all valid criticisms but then came the bombshell..........'I don't actually like it either' says Alan matter of factly! Unbelievable, there's me waffling on to anyone that would listen and quite a few who wouldn't about how marvellous our logo was and it turns out I'm the only person, in the world it seems, who actually liked it, gutted to say the least.

As it turns out when we asked a few web designers we knew to take a look and also a very talented graphic artist (that would be you Gabrielle) the criticisms were pretty much the same albeit a bit more constructive. The main concern was the lens image dominating the logo, making it hard to read (10000 dpi Alan!!) and also the outline of actually one of our very own cameras which looked, well, a bit like a car, not good.

Anyway Gabrielle very kindly took away our brief of keeping it simple and immediately came up with some great concepts.


All of which we liked but one stood out for us for its clean simplicity and summed up pretty much what we're about perfectly, we are using it on the site right now and we think it looks awsome!


Definitely not a car.

If that wasn't enough, Gabrielle also put together for us a business card template which Alan finished off the reverse and they look great, although I can imagine him tinkering that to death in the near future so I'm not expecting them to stay the same for long but for now I'll be handing them out like confetti.