Nicola and Damien's Wedding

Before I start, a huge congratulations to Nicola and Damien on behalf of Alan and I for their wonderful wedding, what a beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

The day started out as usual for Alan and I, both visiting Nicola and co at her mother's house to grab a few 'getting ready' shots as we like to call them. We find these can be some of the best of the day, in candid terms at least, as they not only show the whole transformation into gushing Bride to be but are generally a right good laugh, which sets up the day nicely. I cannot tell you how many pictures we have been instructed not to show (read delete) because they are just a bit too silly! Oh and the wonderful breakfast spread and copious amounts of Champagne we were 'forced' to consume that morning will always be greatly appreciated, actually now I think about it, it's a wonder that the rest of the shoot wasn't a Champagne fuelled blurry mess!

The Ceremony

After the early morning shenanigans, we hot footed it to the church where the ceremony was to be held. This was a lovely little church with wonderful characteristics and really was a perfect fit for Nicola and Damien. We had previously visited earlier in the month to do a 'recce' so as to find ideal group shots placements, entrance, exit shots etc and then again when Nicola and Damien had their rehearsal. See, we at A&M Photographic like to do our homework. As it turns out, this was especially relevant with this particular church as the priest initially absolutely forbade the taking of pictures while the ceremony was taking place, arrrgh! What to do? Now, we totally understand the respect for holy places such as this and as the priest pointed out, this was a time for sacred wedding vows and 'not a photoshoot' as he explained it.

This is where firstly top of the line equipment comes in and secondly we always have two photographers at all our shoots. We explained that as there were two of us, in this instance Alan would position himself at the back of the church behind the priest and I would follow the guests in and stay at the front by the entrance, both with long, fast lenses (canon 70-200mm is f2.8 L if anyone's interested) which meant no flash and we kept our distance and being two of us we didn't need to move. The priest was wavering, I could tell but he still wasn't 100% convinced that we wouldn't cause a distraction. I think he's had bad experiences with unruly photographers in the past, so I explained that as well as Alan and I being static in our locations, we also had near silent 'wedding modes' on all our cameras and promptly demonstrated this by firing a few shots right by him, which he admitted he could hardly hear, 'Ok' he says, woo hoo we're in! So with some friendly charm, forward planning and great camera equipment, we were able to bag some great shots, thank you Canon for the wonder that is the 5D mark 3 and thanks to the priest for changing his mind.